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    You've got the job. You earned it. You presented your credentials and yourself in a highly professional manner. Because we believe in your determination to succeed, to excel in your new position and enjoy the rewards that come with it, we have prepared this handbook as a guide to get you started on your path.

    Success Is A State of Mind...
    In our business we have a saying, "If you aim at nothing, you're likely to hit it," Setting goals may not be enough; you need confidence in your ability to achieve your goals.

    Attitude Is The Difference...
    There is no substitute for an enthusiastic, positive attitude. Achievers have many qualities in common. They invite responsibility. They don't shirk duties. They are loyal and take great pride in their work. Pride -- in the company, in your position, in the quality of your work and the service or product of your firm -- is essential to high caliber performance.

    If you align yourself with other achievers in the workplace, you will continue to learn, grow and succeed yourself. Don't be pulled down by the negative influences in the company. This will bring down your enthusiasm and affect the quality of your performance.

    Give Yourself Time...
    Learning new office procedures and a new position takes time. Any new supervisor knows this. You were hired because the company believes in your potential. Take the time to learn everything possible, apply yourself. and prove its confidence in your ability was justified.

    Understanding Is Key...
    You "can achieve a high level of success" in your new job, Learn each aspect of your position thoroughly. Remember, you are building the foundation of your career.

    All Questions Are Smart Questions... When in doubt, ask, ask, ask. Never feel embarrassed to ask questions. Your employer wants you to succeed and perform competently. He or she will be glad to help you gain a full understanding of your job.

    Be A Team Player...
    Companies notice employees who are willing to pitch in and work. Never have the attitude, "That's not my job." If you have finished your assignments, let your supervisor know and ask to help where needed. Your dedication will not go unnoticed, Remember, "What's good for the team is good for the players."

    Seek Added Responsibilities...
    Once you are confident with your position, show an interest in learning other assignments. A knowledgeable employee is an asset. Showing you are capable of more than is expected, will trigger becoming a prime candidate for promotions.

    Don't Be A Clock Watcher...
    Be prepared to begin the day on time, Arrive a few minutes early and be at your desk on time. If expected to work eight hours a day... work eight hours a day. Don't start packing up and clearing your desk before the end of the workday. Don't be known as a clock watcher.

    Be Absent Only When Necessary...
    Frequent absenteeism should be avoided. Your employer may perceive a lack of loyalty and a poor attitude if you are constantly needing time off. This could seriously harm chances of advancement.

    Although your company may offer sick days, they are not bonus days off. They should be used only when you are truly ill. Show the employer you take the job seriously and are responsible and reliable.

    Ideas Are Key To Recognition...
    As you become familiar with the new position, many time-saving ideas will occur to you, Write them down, keep a file and share it with your supervisor, By devising time and cost saving ideas, you will become known as a smart worker with the company's best interest in mind.

    Keep in mind companies don't change overnight. Avoid attempting to change company policies unless asked to do so, If you find an appropriate way to offer suggestions, do so with tact.

    Careful Planning Can Ensure Success...
    Keep a file on yourself. Document achievements, ideas and money saving innovations. During reviews, this file will be invaluable, There is nothing wrong with calling attention to achievements and successes. Even the best employer cannot be expected to remember everything each employee has accomplished.

    Tracking your work is important and so is outlining a plan to follow for reaching new goals. Start-up companies, large and small, formulate a detailed business plan before opening their doors. You too should develop a detailed plan for your career. Know where you want to be in one year, two years, five years... this plan will be your map to get there.

    Once you have an outline, you can assess the steps needed to achieve your objectives. Then determine what additional training or education might be required.

    Remember to be flexible. As your career changes, so may your plan.

    We're Here To Help...
    If an adverse situation arises in the workplace, the immediate supervisor needs to know. Many times Human Resources will also have troubleshooters who can help.

    Whatever difficulties you encounter in the workplace, do not make rash decisions before speaking with the employer or Snelling representative. Never leave your job without notice. This is a serious breach of professional ethics and could hinder your chances for future employment.

    If a problem comes up -- whether personality or task related -- that cannot be resolved, contact Human Resources or Snelling Personnel Services. We're there for you in the beginning, as you looked for your position and we are here for you now. Most problems, however, can be viewed as opportunities that can help strengthen business acumen and enhance skills in interacting with co-workers and customers.